Still no baby giraffe and other thoughts

So on March 6 I wrote a blog post about being obsessed with April the Giraffe  I still am. I check the web cam daily a few times a day but they also have this great thing now where it’s the text updates. So now I don’t feel like I have to watch the the live camera on a daily basis. I’ll get a text alert daily or every other day with updates.  It was a one time donation of $4.99 that you can use Pay Pal to pay for and despite the really cool “text alert only” pictures and updates you get that $4.99 is going towards Giraffe conservation. I’ve spent less time tweeting about April the Giraffe updates and more time tweeting about my disdain for the President. Maybe for my own sanity I should go back to tweeting baby giraffe updates!

A fun side note about our president. I’m writing a paper for my critical writing class and I’m writing it on Anxiety and depression.  There is this thing called Trump Anxiety   I not found it on a Psychology Today Blog.  But it makes sense.  I know that I myself have anxiety and I’ve noticed that it’s been higher since Trump took office. Sure there have been other factors in my life that have added to my anxiety being higher. My mom has been sick. She’s been getting dizzy and would pass out. We have an answer to why that was happening. Her heart rate was to low. So that resulted in a pace maker. School has been a little rough this semester, and no baby giraffe 🙂 So yeah there have been lots of outside factors contributing to my anxiety being higher but so the next time you make a mean tweet about the president you can claim that you have a mental illness.  You have Trump Anxiety.  It’s gonna be a bumpy four years for sure if these first almost hundred days are any clue what we are going to continue to expect.

Honestly, at this point, I be happy if anyone in the Trump camp would just read a history book, and maybe the constitution.  Baby steps.

When did this become my life?

I like a lot of people have become…well there is no other way to put this obsessed with April the Giraffe.  She’s a Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park that is about to have a baby giraffe any day now and they have set up a live camera for the blesssed event.


I have spent the better part of several days doing split screen!  I was doing my homework the other night and watching the livestream on the other side.

Once upon a time I went out on Friday and Saturday nights now it seems I’m writing papers and watching a giraffe not give birth….When did my life turn into this?!?!

I do have to say that in this crazy world of Donald Trump being a freaking jack ass moron watching and waiting to see if this dang giraffe has had her baby is a much better and probably a little more healthier use of my time than tweeting and retweeting all the moronic things that the President has to say.

You can watch the live feed too!!!!April The Giraffe   then we can all get together and question where our lives changed to this 🙂

An open letter to our president

Dear President Trump,

I’m writing you this letter because like a lot of Americans I have concerns about you being in office.

First of all, I don’t like you. It has nothing to do with you being a republican. I like a lot of people that are republicans. I don’t like you because I think you are an egotistical bully. Now I have to say this isn’t a new development. I’ve thought this for many years since before you started your reality show.

You are not my president. I didn’t vote for you. I voted for Hillary because I didn’t think you represented my views.  But the fact that you are the leader of the country I live in makes you my president in title and because of that I will respect the office you serve. I do not like you but I respect your office.

I need you to know that I am fiercely loyal to my friends and family and I’m going to fight like hell to make sure that their rights are represented.  I also need you to know that I feel you need to act presidential. I need you to stop the endless twitter rants. Attacking people verbally isn’t presidential.  Sometimes saying nothing speaks louder than saying anything at all.  Also, this fake news thing and it being your first official week as president just a suggestion have your press people stop making false statements. Numbers and facts can be checked and verified. As the president you are held to a higher standard than Joe Public. It’s time to start acting presidential. It’s time to stop the ridiculous cyber bullying and be the president of the greatest country in the world.

While I’m at it the de-funding  Planned Parenthood….If it weren’t for Planned Parenthood my oldest niece might not be here.  My sister was a young teenage mother and PP helped her get the medical attention she needed and helped her get medicaid. That ended up being a big thing as she had complications.   Did you know that out of all the procedures and things that PP does abortions only count for 3 percent.  Yes only 3 percent, I know I was surprised to find out that statistic myself.

The other thing…Marriage equality.  Someone who has been married as many times as you have and had mistresses you really no moral grounds to stand on about the sanctity of marriage that ship sailed long ago for you.  Marriage and the rights that come along with it should be for everyone.  EVERYONE.

I want you to know that you are no longer just the billionaire or the reality producer/star. You are now a public servant. That means you work for me and the rest of the county.  You see your campaign slogan was Make America Great Again  to me America is already great.  Sure it can be greater. We can always improve, we need to work on the Affordable Healthcare Act, Education (on that note, you can’t be serious about that moron you want to be your secretary of education right? She has no knowledge about the educational system, or what our children need. I work at a college and I see how these kids struggle to fill out their college applications. That proves that there is a problem with schools. We need someone who knows what is going on and can advocate for our children and their education.) reproductive rights, (if you de-fund planned parenthood and over turn Roe V Wade women are going to go back to getting unsafe abortions and they are going to be hurt, unable to have children, or even worst die due to the unsafe conditions)  So since you work for me and the rest of the country I want you to know that I’m scared and mad as hell. I also want you to know that I’m going to spend the next four years and longer if I need to in order to make sure my friends, and loved ones are safe, have the right to affordable health care and education and their marriages are still legal.  I would expect you to do no less if you were in my shoes so I’m going to fight. I’m going to fight harder than I ever have in my life to make sure the people I love are protected.



It’s going to be a bumpy ride 

Well there is absolutely no denying it. We say goodbye to President Obama and say hello to President Trump. I just can’t get used to saying that or typing that.  I also freely admit when I saw this picture from CNN I cried.

I’m not going to lie we are in for a bumpy ride kids.  We are going into uncharted territory and it’s a dark scary place. But you are not alone in this at all!! We can hold hands and fight the dark together.  I promise I will be right there fighting side by side next to you.  I’ll take my earrings out and fight with you. 

I also want you to know that not only are you not alone but you are loved! So let’s grab hands and our flashlights and go down this bumpy road of the next few years together. 

Goals for 2017

I didn’t read a lot for fun in 2016.  I found that I just didn’t have a ton of time to read what I wanted to read.  I’m going back to college and spent a lot of time reading college books.  But I have decided I needed to balance that out a little better.  I LOVE books, I LOVE reading.  I read one of my text books from cover to cover because it was such an interesting text book.  It was for a class called Music of the People : History of Pop and Rock.  I read it from cover to cover.  It was just a really interesting read.  I love music so it made sense that the class would be fun and interesting also.   So with that cementing my complete nerd status.  I really didn’t read a lot of books for fun.  My favorite author released a new book this year and I’m actually two books behind in the series, which makes me beyond sad.  SO I’m changing that.  I’m taking one writing class and a geology class this spring and no classes this summer so I’m going to spend more time reading for fun.

I’m loving audible books right now actually.  It’s letting me listen to the adorable and my spirit animal Anna Kendrick.  Seriously girl call me!  We should be friends and I don’t mean that in the creepy stalker type way it sounded.  Like legit I feel like when I’m listening to her book I feel like it could totally be my life in parts.  I mean I’m not an actress but I can totally understand and relate to her story.  I listen to it on my drive to work in the morning and my way home at night and it just lets me focus on something other than the people in the city of Omaha that can’t drive for shit.  Seriously people in Omaha need to learn to drive!

I have a complete and utter soft spot in my heart for autobiographies and biographies.  I’ve read biographies and autobiographies on Scott Hamilton, Dale Jr, Ekatarina Gordevia, JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Danica Patrick, Nick Carter (I told you I love BSB! I can also pretty much quote their movie ….as well as several Foo Fighter documentaries) John Stockton (Who in my opinion is the greatest point guard to ever play and NOT win a championship in the NBA.  Seeing footage of the 1997 finals with Michael Jordan sinking that shot still pisses me off to no end today!)   I’m listening to Anna Kendrick (Gurl call me! We’ll hang!) I recently ordered 2 Carrie Fisher books.  Wishful Drinking (I’ve seen the one woman show on HBO why haven’t I read the book yet???)  And her latest book The Princess Diarist.  I can’t wait to read them!   AND I vow to catch up with the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton!  I WILL BE CAUGHT UP DO YOU HEAR ME WORLD!??!?!???

I know with all the big changes coming in 2017 that reading more books seems like a silly and simple goal but dangit it’s better than sitting around thinking about this country going to hell in a hand basket and wondering what rights our newly elected president is going to try and take away or change.



And the hits just keep coming

I just saw that Debbie Reynolds passed away.  This is huge because this is Carrie Fisher’s mother. She was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after having a stroke and passed this evening. That poor family!!! 

Here is an adorable picture to look at to take a break from the shit show that is 2016. 

My doxies Peety is the one in the hoodie Killer is the one without a hoodie. 

Dear 2016

There are so many things I could say right now.     So many things on my mind with only 4 days remaining of 2016.   It hasn’t been a great year.  In fact it’s been a downright crap year.  Yes, there have been some very good very high points of this year but there have been several low points as well and here lately it seems like the low points are coming more and more often.




There have been several major celebrity deaths this year and there have been two that have just gutted me to the core.  David Bowie and Carrie Fisher.     Carrie Fisher’s death has seriously gutted me.  As a young girl I wanted to be Princess Leia.  She was this beautiful princess who would wear a dress and ran around kicking butt.   I wanted to be her!   Yes I loved Cinderella, Belle and the Disney Princesses but I never wanted to be any of them.  I wanted to be Princess Leia, she was such a bad ass!  She was everything I wanted to be when I grew up.  Fierce, loyal, independent.   When I saw the Star Wars movies as a child  that’s what I wanted to be.  Plus she got to show up all the boys!   I remember as a child I begged my mom to give me the “Leia Buns”  I had such long hair it was tough to get my hair to stay but my mom put my hair in those buns several times a day because my hair was so long and heavy that it would fall.



As a young woman I saw that the character of  Leia was still a bad ass but the actress that played her Carrie Fisher was a billion times more bad ass than Princess Leia ever was.  She had this don’t take no shit attitude and was unapologetic for how she was and spoke very frankly about her drug issues and her mental illness.   When she started talking about her bi-polar disorder she made me see that having a mental illness wasn’t the end of the world.   You could still survive and thrive with a mental illness.   I was diagnosed with Anxiety and depression and seeing how open and honest she was about her illness made it easier for me to talk about my anxiety and depression.     She was so much more than just a Princess.  I hope that I can be as awesome and bad ass as Carrie Fisher was!   I’m going to try and take this to heart and I honestly think this is the best advice ever.