This post has taken me a week to write. On October 22 was the one year anniversary of my mom having a stroke. For the most part she is ok she has a speech impediment still and she has a small blip with her short term memory but honestly she is a rockstar!! 

I have to say I’m super glad we went to the Garth Brooks show on the 22nd so I have a better memory about October 22nd!! This is my mom one year to the day after her stroke. 
Make yourself aware of the signs and symptoms of a stroke

Stroke Information
Knowledge is power and the more you know the faster you can react and have better recovery efforts! 
This is me and my mommy the day she was released from the hospital 

This is her a week after being home 

I’m so glad that she only has minimal lingering issues. We are so lucky and she is a rockstar!! She is a survivor!! 

One more angel in heaven 

One more angel in heaven 

My Sweet Sassy Grandma passed Saturday morning. She has been battling dementia for the last few years and has had several mini strokes. This is me and my sister with gram.

The first visit with Gram in 1980! 

Merry Christmas Gram! 

This is my sweet Sassy Grandma before she got so sick.

4 generations of awesome women on this couch! Great Grandma, Gram, my momma and myself in 1980. This was my first visit with Great Grandma. 

This is the Hecht family circa 1981/82. Backrow is my momma, Aunt Jane, Uncle Bill, My Grandpa Hecht’s mom and Step-Dad front row is my Daddo me and sassy gram.

This is my favorite picture of Gram and my niece!! 

Her signature that I got tattooed on my arm a week ago. 

She was a wonderful wonderful woman who taught me a lot of many things and she was super strong and sassy.  She will be missed and since I hate goodbyes I’m glad the last thing I said to her was I love you and I’ll see you later. 

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

It’s after midnight and my brain won’t shut off.  I’m thinking of friends in Hurricane Irma’s path and I’m thinking about my Grandma who I’ve taken to calling Sassy Grandma. She has dementia and her health has been declining in the last few years. But once in awhile something sparks and for a few brief minutes my Gram is 100% the lady I grew up with. Some days she is this new version of my Gram. The sassy fiesty little old lady who thinks there are Russian Spies in her nursing home, who will drop the f bomb and not think twice. (This is the very same woman who would say the word jackass and giggle) and some days she is just a shell of who she used to be and sleeps and doesn’t engage in conversation. Those are the tough days and hard visits. Those days are the days you sit in the parking lot in your car and cry. Then you might go make your credit card cry with some shopping therapy. Those hard days make me appreciate the good visits more. I’ve learned that if I want talk to her I need to try and plan my visits around meal times and I’ll sit by her as she eats. I’ll tell her about what’s going on in my life knowing that she most likely will not remember the conversation. Sometimes she will and those are extra special days. Those are the days she will try and force me to try her terrible smelling hot chocolate and she’ll say “Try it” then she will whisper “It’s terrible.” And we laugh and I tell her I’ll smuggle in Taco Bell for her. 

I always thought she has the most eloquent handwriting ever. So I went digging through my crap I’m a pack rat I keep everything and I found a note she had written to me. I decided I was going to get her handwriting tattooed on my arm.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Gram and my youngest niece
I used her signature and added the birds
This was the note I found she is talking about school pictures. She made a page for each grandchild and my aunt, uncle and dad with school pictures taken in each grade
This was Gram and I on our dinner date before she got to sick to go out. We argued over the bill. I said I asked you to dinner with me I’ll pay. She said my granddaughter asked me to dinner I’ll pay and damn if she didn’t snag that bill the second our waitress put it on the table. She was quicker than I had seen her in a long while!!

At the end of the day I’m super grateful that at 37 years old I can spend time with my Gram. Whatever version of her it is. She is my only living grandparent and I’ll take her however I can get her. 

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

There are certain events that happen in life that you can remember every detail. Twenty years ago was one of those events. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. It was a Saturday and I had just gotten home from seeing BB King in concert with my dad. We had 5th row center seats and it was a gorgeous August day. It wasn’t to hot it was the absolute perfect temperature and the humidity wasn’t high at all. It was absolute perfect weather for an outdoor concert. I got home and saw the press reports and I remember thinking what a sick fucking joke that Saturday Night Live was doing. I decided that I was never going to watch any other episode of Saturday Night Live again. I realized it wasn’t Saturday Night Live but it was infact the real news. Princess Diana was dead. I was shocked and sad. She was someone I admired and respected. I truly looked up to her. I remember staying up and watching her funeral on tv and my heart just breaking for Prince William and Prince Harry as they walked behind her coffin. 

So let’s see…

So let’s see…

What has happened since March? Well April the Giraffe had her baby.  It was awesome I watched it happen it was so worth it.

The country is one giant dumpster fire.

Texas is under water.

I’m officially a junior in college. I have 40 hours left!

I went to Las Vegas and didn’t die!

We could all get nuked by North Korea.

We could all be speaking Russian soon.

The country is a giant dumpster fire.

The Backstreet Boys are still back!

I still really miss Carrie Fisher and I can’t believe she’s gone.  I’m both ready and not ready to see the next Star Wars movie.

Got friend tattoos with three of my friends.  We all got dino tattoos.  We all got different dino tattoos.

The country is a giant dumpster fire.

OH! I also decided to make it my personal goal in life to be blocked on twitter by Donald Trump.

My mom got a pacemaker and she doesn’t pass out anymore. Her heart is pumping the way it’s supposed to!

dino friends

my dino tat is the one behind the ear!

Still no baby giraffe and other thoughts

Still no baby giraffe and other thoughts

So on March 6 I wrote a blog post about being obsessed with April the Giraffe  I still am. I check the web cam daily a few times a day but they also have this great thing now where it’s the text updates. So now I don’t feel like I have to watch the the live camera on a daily basis. I’ll get a text alert daily or every other day with updates.  It was a one time donation of $4.99 that you can use Pay Pal to pay for and despite the really cool “text alert only” pictures and updates you get that $4.99 is going towards Giraffe conservation. I’ve spent less time tweeting about April the Giraffe updates and more time tweeting about my disdain for the President. Maybe for my own sanity I should go back to tweeting baby giraffe updates!

A fun side note about our president. I’m writing a paper for my critical writing class and I’m writing it on Anxiety and depression.  There is this thing called Trump Anxiety   I not found it on a Psychology Today Blog.  But it makes sense.  I know that I myself have anxiety and I’ve noticed that it’s been higher since Trump took office. Sure there have been other factors in my life that have added to my anxiety being higher. My mom has been sick. She’s been getting dizzy and would pass out. We have an answer to why that was happening. Her heart rate was to low. So that resulted in a pace maker. School has been a little rough this semester, and no baby giraffe 🙂 So yeah there have been lots of outside factors contributing to my anxiety being higher but so the next time you make a mean tweet about the president you can claim that you have a mental illness.  You have Trump Anxiety.  It’s gonna be a bumpy four years for sure if these first almost hundred days are any clue what we are going to continue to expect.

Honestly, at this point, I be happy if anyone in the Trump camp would just read a history book, and maybe the constitution.  Baby steps.

When did this become my life?

When did this become my life?

I like a lot of people have become…well there is no other way to put this obsessed with April the Giraffe.  She’s a Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park that is about to have a baby giraffe any day now and they have set up a live camera for the blesssed event.


I have spent the better part of several days doing split screen!  I was doing my homework the other night and watching the livestream on the other side.

Once upon a time I went out on Friday and Saturday nights now it seems I’m writing papers and watching a giraffe not give birth….When did my life turn into this?!?!

I do have to say that in this crazy world of Donald Trump being a freaking jack ass moron watching and waiting to see if this dang giraffe has had her baby is a much better and probably a little more healthier use of my time than tweeting and retweeting all the moronic things that the President has to say.

You can watch the live feed too!!!!April The Giraffe   then we can all get together and question where our lives changed to this 🙂